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At-Large News

  1. Originated from GNSO’s Policy Development Process (PDP) 3.0 initiative, the Consensus Playbook has been completed for the ICANN community to reference and use. The Consensus Playbook can be downloaded here: (also on At-Large PDP 3.0 Workspace)
  2. Please take the At-Large GeoNames Survey to help identify issues of At-Large consensus on the topic. The survey will only take a few minutes of your time: We request your input by 30 April 2020.
    Topic(s): New gTLDsOrganization(s): AFRALO, ALAC, APRALO, EURALO, LACRALO, NARALO
  3. See all webinars on the At-Large Capacity Building Working Group (CBWG) workspace here.
  4. View the statement here: Note that it was adopted by the AFRALO and APRALO Leadership Teams, as well as the ALAC.
  5. The Post-ICANN67 Policy Report is now available! Click here to access the report >>
  6. ICANN announced that its ICANN67 Public Meeting, which was to be held in Cancún, Mexico, will now be held via remote participation-only. This decision was made as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, considered a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization. Read the full
  7. See ALAC / At-Large activities in the Pre-ICANN67 Policy Report:
  8. Read the "At-Large Valentine" submitted to the ICANN Board regarding Proposed Amendment 3 to the .COM Registry Agreement.
  9. Read the ALAC Advice on the ISOC/PIR Issue here:
  10. Topic(s): Operations/FinancesOrganization(s): AFRALO, ALAC, APRALO, EURALO, LACRALO, NARALO
  11. Read the ALAC Advice to the ICANN Board on DNS Abuse, submitted on 24 December 2019, here.
  12. See: SubPro Updates Workspace for Updates to Issues/Topics under Deliberation by the Subsequent Procedures PDP WG ALAC Chair's Letter to SubPro PDP WG Co-Chairs (16 December 2019) calling for scope of upcoming public comment call to cover all draft final recommendations Letter from the Co-Chairs of the New gTLDs
    Topic(s): Policy ProcessesOrganization(s): AFRALO, ALAC, APRALO, EURALO, LACRALO, NARALO
  13. Read the full report here:
    Topic(s): Policy ProcessesOrganization(s): AFRALO, ALAC, APRALO, EURALO, LACRALO, NARALO
  14. See videos, photos, highlights and more here!