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At-Large Work Methods & Collaboration Tools

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Mailing Lists

E-mail is the prime communication tool used by the members of the At-Large Community. 

There are a variety of e-mail mailing lists that keep members informed of ICANN and At-Large activities, as well as facilitate members' discussions about policy advice and organizational building matters. Support Staff usually distribute At-Large teleconference, webinar, and face-to-face meeting invitations via mailing lists. 

Most At-Large mailing lists are public, which means that they can be subscribed by anyone, even non At-Large members, and their archives are viewable by the public. Some of them are private, which means they have limitation with regard to subscriber criteria and/or access to archive.

You can subscribe to mailing lists on your own, following the subscription links, or contact

To gain further understanding on how mailing lists are used and who are supposed to subscribe to which lists, you may check the guide here:

At-Large Wide Mailing Lists

  • At-Large Worldwide: Discussion list of the entire At-Large Community; At-Large members or non-members are subscribed to the list on voluntary basis. 
  • ALAC-Announce: Distributes news, announcement, and invitation to meetings, webinars, and teleconferences from ICANN Policy Staff in support of At-Large and the ALAC Chair; only Staff and ALAC Chair can publish on this list; ALAC Members, Liaisons, RALO leaders, and ALS representatives are required to be subscribed to the list

ALAC Mailing Lists 

ALAC Members, Liaisons, and RALO officiers are required to be subscribed to the private lists below. They use them to discuss policy advice development and organizational building issues.

  • ALAC (private): Discussion list of current and past ALAC Members, Liaisons, RALO Officers, and ALAC/At-Large Selected Board Director; archive is viewable by the public. 
  • ALT (private): Discussion list of current ALAC Leadership Team (ALT) members, Liaisons, ALAC/At-Large Selected Board Directors, and past ALAC Chairs; archive is viewable by the public. 

RALO Mailing Lists 

Each RALO has its own public discussion list. RALO leaders, ALAC members and liaisons, and ALS representatives are required to be subscribed to their respective RALO lists in order to receive invitations to teleconferences, meetings, and webinars, voting instructions and consensus calls, and other pertinent information. 

Working Group Mailing Lists

Every At-Large working group has its own public discussion list for members to communicate with each other and for Staff to distribute calendar invites for meetings, as well as other pertinent information. A few working group lists limit subscribers to At-Large members, but all mailing list archives are publicly viewable. 

Once you have subscribed to a working group mailing list, you are automatically regarded as a member of the working group, unless specific membership crtieria apply.  

Other Mailing Lists 

On an ad-hoc basis, some At-Large mailing lists may be created for event organization and other purposes, such as for the 2nd At-Large Summit. Some of those lists are no longer in use. For other lists, check