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At-Large Work Methods & Collaboration Tools

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At-Large Meetings

The ALAC, the ALAC Leadership Team (ALT), RALOs, and At-Large working groups conduct meetings regularly to discuss advice development and organizational building related matters based on the agenda set by At-Large Community leaders.

Usually, the ALAC and RALOs hold meetings once a month. The ALT holds two meetings a month. At-Large working groups hold meetings on an as needed basis, depending on how active those groups are. They often last between 60 and 90 minutes. 

Those meetings include the teleconference using Adobe Connect and Adigo and the series of face-to-face sessions held during the triennial ICANN International Meetings. Most face-to face meetings may also have teleconference capabilities for those who cannot attend in person.

Details of these meetings, including agenda and participation instructions, are posted in the At-Large Event Calendar, Confluence Community Wiki, and relevant mailing lists in advance. 

For transparency and communications purposes, almost all At-Large meetings are open to the public and anyone internal or external to the At-Large Community can attend. All meetings are recorded with transcripts provided. They are published on their respective Confluence Wiki Workspace by the support Staff.

Among all At-Large meetings, ALAC meetings specifically require a quorum to start. For a meeting to be quorate, more than 50% of the sitting ALAC Members must be present, face-to-face, telephonically, or by other means explicitly approved by the ALAC. Hence, it is a requirement for the ALAC members to attend and actively participate in those meetings; if they cannot make it, they are required to send apologies.

One of the reasons for requiring the quorum is that sometimes votes and consensus are conducted during ALAC meetings. Any formal action of the ALAC will be in the form of a Motion. Such formal action may be initiated at an ALAC meeting or electronically by any ALAC Member and seconded by any other ALAC Member. 

Track Meeting Schedules 

Besides subscribing to the At-Large Event Calendar, you may also keep track of important meeting schedules on the following one-stop shop Confluence Wiki Workspaces: 

For At-Large working group meeting schedules, check out the workspace of working groups listed in Get Involved