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How to Contribute

At-Large Community has the duty to understand, represent, and advocate for the best interest of Internet end users worldwide. To fulfill this duty, we focus on two areas of work: 1) policy advice development, and 2) organization building. Some work has membership requirements, and some don't. We welcome you to find your interest areas and contribute your skills, knowledge, and expertise to our endeavors!

Policy Advice Development

Through At-Large, average Internet users have a voice to influence the evolution of the critical logistical infrastructure layer of the Internet. To do so, At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) publicizes, analyzes, and advises on proposed ICANN policies and decisions that reflect the views and needs of individual users at regional and global levels.

Typically, At-Large membership is required to develop policy advice. Once joined, you are encouraged to draft position statements on behalf of the ALAC, comment on draft statements, and engage in policy-focused activities.


Organization Building

As ICANN manages the coordination of Internet identifiers and its policy topics are quite technical and niche, At-Large plays an important role in making sure that individual Internet users keep in touch with ICANN’s core mission, contribute to policy development, and provide sustainable flow of new blood into the multistakeholder model.

To achieve this goal, At-Large carries out activities, events, and meetings that focus on outreach and engagement, capacity building, and operational needs. At-Large membership is not required to participate. 

Current Volunteer Opportunities

The best way to find out current volunteer opportunities is through participation in At-Large working groups. Some working groups help members to learn, discuss, and debate on ICANN policy issues on various topics and help the ALAC develop targeted policy advice. A lot more working groups tackle different aspects of organization building, not strictly focused on Internet policy. Unless stated otherwise, a great majority of At-Large working groups are open to everyone regardless of your membership status in At-Large. Contact if you are interested in joining a working group.

Membership is limited to individuals with special expertise.

Leadership Opportunities

By gaining skills and experience, you will have opportunities to assume positions in the afromentioned At-Large working groups, Regional At-Large Organizations (RALOs), At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC), Board of Directors, and other important decision-making bodies in ICANN.

Curious about the selection and election process, as well as the criteria of various leadership positions? Learn more on the wiki workspace of ALAC and RALO elections, selections, and appointments