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At-Large Work Methods & Collaboration Tools

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Confluence Community Wiki 

Confluence Community wiki (also referred to as 'Confluence', 'Confluence Wiki', 'Community Wiki', or simply 'Wiki') is a third-party, web-based platform that allows easy creation and editing of interlinked Web pages, via a web browser, using a simplified markup language or text editor.

At-Large Community members uses the Confluence Wiki for document collaboration, especially for drafting Policy Advice Statements and soliciting comments from the wider At-Large Community. Members also use the Community wiki to find meeting agendas, recordings, and transcripts posted by ICANN Staff.

Different from the website, Confluence Community Wiki is a live collaboration space for Community members to do ongoing work. Community members have logins that allow them to create and edit pages, as well as leave comments. Some of the Wiki Workspaces apply user restrictions for viewing and editing. The website in completely public facing; it publishes and highlights final work product or informational materials produced by the Community and Staff, and provides a gateway to the Wiki. 

Popular Wiki Landing Pages

Below lists the main landing pages frequently visited by the At-Large Community members. They are catered to various segments of the At-Large Community, as well as different types of work. 


Wiki Guide

Have never used the Confluence Community Wiki before? Read the Wiki Guide available in the six UN languages at