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Policy Comments & Advice


Topics and Policy Working Groups

Regional Activities


Global Presence

At-Large Structures (ALSes) and individual members form the basis of our community representing the interests of internet users worldwide. The five Regional At-Large Organizations (RALOs) unite our members based on their regions.

Working Groups

Many At-Large working groups are dedicated to ICANN policy discussions and advice development activities. Many others tackle various aspects of organization building, such as advancing accessiblity and inclusion at ICANN, testing communication and collaboration tools, planning outreach and engagement projects, developing capacity building programs for newcomers, and fulfilling operational needs of the Community. Almost all of our working groups are open to everyone regardless of membership status in At-Large. 


At-Large Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG)

Co-chaired by Jonathan Zuck and Olivier-Crepin Leblond, the CPWG merges together the At-Large Registration Issues Working Group, At-Large New gTLDs Working Group and At-Large ICANN Evolution Working Group. The focus of CPWG is to drive policy comments and advice within the At-Large community, and create best practices for identifying Internet end user issues within ICANN.

IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) Policy Working Group

Mailing list only. 

The IDN Policy Working Group:

  • Focuses on ICANN Internationalised Domain Name (IDN) Top-Level Domain (TLD) Program developments 
  • Provides Community feedback via ALAC statements and engagement with ICANN staff


ALAC Subcommittee on Finance and Budget (FBSC)

Known as the ALAC Subcommittee on Finance and Budget (FBSC), the FBSC is tasked with preparing statements and requests related to ALAC strategy and finance. Focuses on issues related to the development of ICANN Fiscal Year Budget and reviews of ALAC and RALO Special Budget Requests. The FBSC is supported in its work by the Operations, Finance and Budget Working Group (OFBWG).

ALAC Subcommittee on Metrics

Evaluates the participation of At-Large members. 

ALAC Subcommittee on Appointee Selection (AASC)

Receives and reviews Expressions of Interest (EOI) for various ALAC appointments. 

ALAC-GAC Coordination Working Group

The ALAC-GAC Coordination Working Group (closed membership) is led by the AC Liaisons: Yrjo Lansipuro, ALAC and Ana Neves, GAC.  

At-Large Operations, Finance and Budget Working Group (OFB-WG)

The At-Large Operations, Finance and Budget Working Group (OFBWG) is an At-Large Working Group within the Operations section of the At-Large Organization,  tasked with preparing statements and requests related to ICANN finance and budget, strategy, and operational initiatives. 

Outreach & Engagement

At-Large Capacity Building Working Group (CBWG)

Focuses on the capacity building activities within At-Large, including developing webinar series to improve members' knowledge in ICANN policy issues. 

ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement

Oversees and coordinates the outreach and engagement efforts of the At-Large Community at local and regional levels; aims to build awareness of ICANN, recruit new members, and engage current members.  

At-Large Social Media Working Group (SMWG)

Develops a strong and sustainable presence of the At-Large Community on social media; coordinates the content creation for At-Large's Twitter and Facebook and provides live feed during ICANN international meetings. 

At-Large Technology Task Force (TTF)

Reviews ALSes' and RALOs' communication and collaboration needs; introduces selected information dissemination, web conferencing, and other tools. 

At-Large Real Time Transcription (RTT) Project

Explores real-time captioning tools to enable full participation of end users in At-Large activities.