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Policy Advice

Publish DateTitle
In Progress

Independent Review of Trademark Clearinghouse Services Draft Report

Topic(s): Contracted Party Agreements, DNS, Intellectual Property, Reviews/Improvements

In Progress

Proposed Guidelines for the Second String Similarity Review Process

Topic(s): DNS, Reviews/Improvements, Security/Stability

In Progress

Input requested: SO/AC/SG/C Outreach - New gTLD Subsequent Procedures

Topic(s): New gTLDs

In Progress

Creating a Consumer Agenda at ICANN

Topic(s): Public Interest

1 Aug 2016

ICANN Fellowship Program Application Process Review

Topic(s): Reviews/Improvements

20 Jul 2016

Proposed Amendments to Base New gTLD Registry Agreement

Topic(s): Contracted Party Agreements

25 Jun 2016

Revisions to ICANN Expected Standards of Behaviors

Topic(s): Accountability/Transparency

20 Jun 2016

Request for Input - New gTLD Subsequent Procedures

Topic(s): New gTLDs

10 Jun 2016

Request for Input - Next-Generation RDS to Replace WHOIS PDP

Topic(s): Contracted Party Agreements, WHOIS

21 May 2016

Draft New ICANN Bylaws

Topic(s): IANA

30 Apr 2016

Draft ICANN FY17 Operating Plan & Budget and Five-Year Operating Plan Update

Topic(s): Operations/Finances

30 Apr 2016

Proposal for Multi-Year Planning of At-Large RALO Face-to-Face Meetings

Topic(s): Engagement, Operations/Finances

23 Apr 2016

Final Report Recommendations of the Geographic Regions Review Working Group

Topic(s): Reviews/Improvements

16 Apr 2016

Draft Framework of Principles for Cross Community Working Groups

Topic(s): Policy Processes, Reviews/Improvements

28 Feb 2016

ALAC Correspondence on the Study Group on Sensitive New gTLDs

Topic(s): New gTLDs, Public Interest