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In Progress

Proposed Renewal of .NET Registry Agreement

Topic(s): Contracted Party Agreements

In Progress

Recommendations to Improve SO/AC Accountability

Topic(s): Accountability/Transparency

In Progress

Creating a Consumer Agenda at ICANN

Topic(s): Public Interest

23 May 2017

GNSO Community Comment 2 (CC2) on New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process

Topic(s): New gTLDs

19 May 2017

Deferral of Country Code Names Supporting Organization Review

Topic(s): Reviews/Improvements

18 May 2017

Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice Review Team Draft Report of Recommendations for New gTLDs

Topic(s): DNS

10 May 2017

Proposed Fundamentals Bylaws Changes to Move the Board Governance Committee's Reconsideration Process Responsibilities to Another Board Committee

Topic(s): Accountability/Transparency

3 May 2017

Draft 2016 African Domain Name System Market Study

Topic(s): DNS

28 Apr 2017

ALAC Chair Statement on the ICANN's Draft FY18 Operating Plan and Budget, and Five-Year Operating Plan Update

Topic(s): Accountability/Transparency, Engagement, Operations/Finances

28 Apr 2017

ICANN's Draft FY18 Operating Plan and Budget, and Five-Year Operating Plan Update

Topic(s): Operations/Finances

26 Apr 2017

Interim Paper Cross-Community Working Group on Use of Names of Countries and Territories as Top Level Domains

Topic(s): DNS, New gTLDs, Security/Stability

25 Apr 2017

Recommendations to Improve ICANN's Transparency

Topic(s): Accountability/Transparency

24 Mar 2017

At-Large Review: Draft Report

Topic(s): Reviews/Improvements

24 Mar 2017

RALO Statement on the At-Large Review Draft Report

Topic(s): Accountability/Transparency, Reviews/Improvements

20 Jan 2017

Identifier Technology Health Indicators: Definition

Topic(s): Security/Stability