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At-Large News

  1. Please view and download here:
  2. View the ATLAS III program and At-Large ICANN66 schedule here:
  3. The Post-ICANN65 Policy Report is now available! Click here to learn more >>
  4. See the statement on the At-Large workspace:
    Topic(s): Operations/FinancesOrganization(s): AFRALO, ALAC, APRALO, EURALO, LACRALO, NARALO
  5. Read the Post-ICANN64 Policy Report here:
  6. The At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) and Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) drafted and adopted the Joint GAC-ALAC Statement on EPDP during ICANN64 in Kobe, Japan. Please see:
    Topic(s): Policy ProcessesOrganization(s): AFRALO, ALAC, APRALO, EURALO, LACRALO, NARALO
  7. Prepare for #ICANN64 by reviewing the Pre-ICANN64 Policy Report, now available here >>