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New ICANN Learn Courses about the At-Large Community Now Available

See more information and the ICANN Learn Course page HERE.


ICANN Learn now hosts two new courses about the At-Large community.

ICANN At-Large: Welcome to Our World provides an introduction to the At-Large community and the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC), how they function within the ICANN ecosystem, and how you can start and continue your involvement in the At-Large community. ICANN Policy Development: A Guide for At-Large Participants delivers a working knowledge of the ALAC policy advice development process and the various policy development opportunities for the At-Large community to join at ICANN. These two courses will be evaluated for translation based on usage in English and demand for the other standard United Nations languages.

The Policy Development Fundamentals course is a prerequisite to ICANN Policy Development: A Guide for At-Large Participants, providing a foundational understanding of how policy development works at ICANN. A global community of stakeholders and participants with different backgrounds and points of view help coordinate and support the unique identifiers of the Internet. The At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) and At-Large community express the interests of Internet end users as part of ICANN policy development.

Capacity development across the ICANN ecosystem is a priority. These new community-led   courses will serve as a cornerstone for building skills and knowledge about the At-Large community and its policy advice work. We hope the ICANN community enrolls in these courses.