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How to join the At-Large Community? 

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As an individual, there are three ways for you to become an official member of the At-Large Community...

1. Become a member of an accredited At-Large Structure (ALS)

If you are a member of an accredited ALS, you are automatically a member of the At-Large Community. To find an accredited ALS in your area, search HERE.

Already a member? Want to engage in At-Large activities? Contact the representative of your ALS or to learn more. 

To become a new member of an ALS, please contact the ALS and follow its specific application procedure. 

2. Accredit your organization as a new At-Large Structure (ALS)

Apply to accredit your own organization as an ALS, and all the members in your organization will become members of the At-Large community. ALS application is free, easy, and done via the web. Read more >

3. Become an individual member

You may become an individual member of the At-Large Community without affiliation with an ALS. Individual membership is only accepted in certain regions. Read more >