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At-Large Work Methods & Collaboration Tools

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At-Large Event Calendar

The At-Large Event Calendar (powered by Google) shows all At-Large teleconferences and face-to-face sessions during ICANN International Meetings, including those of the ALAC, ALAC Executive Committee (ALT), RALOs and At-Large working groups. The calendar also includes At-Large Capacity Building Webinars and Briefings that usually cater to newcomers. 

Please note that the times shown in the At-Large calendar are in UTC/GMT time. Once you click on a specific event, the time will convert into your local timezone. 

How to Subscribe 

Instead of remembering to visit, you can subscribe to the At-Large Calendar using your Calendar application. Your Calendar application on your desktop or mobile device will show the meeting times in your time zone and you can set email notifications and/or popup to notify you at any time before the meeting (for example 2 hours before, 30 minutes before).

Typically, all calendar applications require a URL for the calendar you want to subscribe to.


Copy this entire URL and follow the instructions for your calendar application for: