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  1. See the wiki workspace for the final draft:
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  3. Topic(s): EngagementOrganization(s): ALAC, APRALO
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  5. See At-Large workspace:
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  6. See At-Large workspace:
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  7. Wikiworkspace and final statement:
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  9. Please see the related workspace for updates:
  10. Please see the Policy Summary for latest status of a specific statement:
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  11. For full details, please see the At-Large Policy Advice Development Page.
    Topic(s): Policy ProcessesOrganization(s): ALAC
  12. LACRALO will hold an Orientation Call for community leaders and members the week of 23 July, after ICANN62. Please visit the At-Large Structure (ALS) and Individual Orientation Program for more information on the At-Large RALO Orientation program.
  13. The incoming ALAC Members and Regional Leaders who will be taking their seats at the end of ICANN63 in Barcelona. They are noted below by RALO: AFRALO ALAC Member: Tijani Ben Jemaa; Secretary: Sarah Kiden APRALO ALAC Member: Holly Raiche; Chair: Satish Babu; Vice-Chair: Ali AlMeshal EURALO ALAC Member: Bastiaan
  14. The process for posting nominations is as follows: 1) Nominations, including self-nominations must be made directly to their RALO’s mailing list; followed by 2) Nominations must be posted to the 2018 ALAC and RALO Elections, Selections and Appointments Workspace or by sending a note to At-Large staff. Please
  15. Draft Project Plan for the Proposed Name Collision Analysis Project (NCAP) As the principle voice of end users within the ICANN community, the ALAC supported the SSAC in its efforts to address the issue of Name Collisions, while encouraging clarity on the SSAC's bidding process for work contemplated under the