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  1. Read the latest report here >>
  2. Download the ICANN71 Policy Outcomes Report here:
  3. Learn more about the decisions and outcomes of the #ICANN69 Virtual Annual General Meeting in the ICANN69 Policy Outcomes Report, available here >> #ICANN
  4. See ALAC/At-Large ICANN69 Talking Points here.
  5. The ALAC ratified their statement and submitted one day early to Public Comment. See the statement here:
  6. Read the LACRALO Statement (in EN & ES) here:
  7. Learn more about the decisions and outcomes of the ICANN68 Virtual Policy Forum in the Post-ICANN68 Policy Report, available here >>
  8. See At-Large and DNS Abuse page, including all DNS Abuse 101 videos:
  9. Read the ALAC Advice to the ICANN Board on DNS Abuse, submitted on 24 December 2019, here.
  10. Since April, a taskforce within the European Regional At-Large Organization (EURALO) met weekly to review and redraft its Articles of Association (“Bylaws”), which were adopted in April 2007 and amended in May 2011. The aim of this effort is to improve EURALO’s organizational efficiency and effectiveness by
  11. Em abril, uma força-tarefa da Organização Regional At-Large da Europa (EURALO) começou a fazer reuniões semanais para revisar e reescrever seu Contrato de Sociedade (“Estatuto”), que foi adotado em abril de 2007 e emendado em maio de 2011. O objetivo desse trabalho era melhorar a eficiência e a eficácia
  12. منذ أبريل، اجتمعت قوة مهام داخل منظمة At-Large لإقليم أوروبا (EURALO) أسبوعيًا من أجل مراجعة وإعادة صياغة النظام الأساسي ("اللوائح الداخلية")، التي اعتمدت في أبريل 2007 وتم تعديلها في مايو 2011. وكان الهدف من هذه الجهود تعزيز الكفاءة والفاعلية المؤسسية لمنظمة EURALO وذلك من خلال تحديد الفارق والاختلاف بين قواعد