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At-Large and DNS Abuse

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Join the At-Large policy sessions during ICANN meetings for the latest on DNS Abuse.

At-Large and DNS Abuse

Resources from ICANN72 Virtual Annual General Meeting | 25-28 October 2021

This page contains all the news and resources surrounding ALAC / At-Large policy activity and DNS Abuse.


See At-Large ICANN72 Workspace for details.

See ALAC/At-Large ICANN72 Talking Points.

See At-Large ICANN71 Workspace for details.

End User Participation in ICANN PDPs and their Role within the ICANN ecosystem 08:30-10:00 UTC, Mon, 14 June 2021

See At-Large ICANN70 Workspace for details.

The Future of ICANN's Mandate and the Development of the DNS: Voices of the Next Generation! 12:30-14:30 (Cancun time), Mon, 22 Mar 2021

See At-Large ICANN69 Workspace for details.

The At-Large Community and DNS Abuse: An Individual User Education Campaign 10:30-11:30 (Hamburg time), Weds, 14 Oct 2020

Beyond Budapest: The UN Cybercrime Treaty and DNS Abuse 16:30-17:30 (Hamburg time), Tues, 20 Oct 2020

See At-Large ICANN68 Workspace for details. 

DNS Abuse: COVID-19 and End-user Issues 10:00-11:30 (Kuala Lumpur time), Mon, 22 Jun 2020

Plenary Session: DNS Abuse and Malicious Registrations During COVID-19 13:00-14:30 (Kuala Lumpur time), Mon, 22 Jun 2020

DNS Abuse - Thresholds 10:00-11:30 (Kuala Lumpur time), Wed, 24 Jun 2020

See At-Large ICANN67 Workspace for details.

At-Large Policy Session: "DNS Abuse: An At-Large Call to Action" 13:45-15:15 (Cancun time)Mon, Mar 9 2020
At-Large Policy Session: "Tools for Wholistic Contract Compliance" 15:30-17:00 (Cancun time)Mon, Mar 9 2020



At-Large Policy Resources

ALAC / At-Large Policy Summary

ALAC / At-Large Policy Workspace

At-Large Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG)

ALAC / At-Large ICANN69 Talking Points

ALAC / At-Large ICANN68 Talking Points

ALAC / At-Large ICANN67 Talking Points

ALAC Advice to the ICANN Board on DNS Abuse 24 December 2019

The COVID Registration Spike and Abuse: Lessons Learned from a Contracted Party perspective Webinar (June 2020)

Cybersecurity Assessment Tool by the Ford Foundation (November 2020)

Research on Predictive Analytics and DNS Abuse

.EU Research - Predictive Analytics

Research out of Asia on "real time" malicious doman detection

Survey of "passive monitoring" implementations

I&JPN Secretariat Issues Framing Brief on Addressing COVID19-Related Abuse at the DNS Level

FTC For Consumers: Avoid Coronavirus Scams

DNS Abuse Videos

At-Large DNS Abuse 101 - EN

At-Large DNS Abuse 101 - ES

At-Large DNS Abuse 101 - FR


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