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At-Large Summit Travel Information

Location: The primary location for the Summit sleeping rooms and meeting sessions will be held at the Gran Meliá México Reforma Hotel (MELIA) in Mexico City at Paseo de la Reforma, 1 Ciudad de Mexico (Phone: + (52) 55 5063 1000). More information can be found at There will also be meetings held at the Hotel Sheraton Centro Historico (SHERATON), a short walking distance from the Melia at Av. Juarez, No. 70. Col., Centro (Phone: + 52 55 5130 5300 . More information can be found at

Meet and Greet Service: There is no shuttle service provided by ICANN to get you from the airport to the hotel. However, arrangements have been made to provide assistance and information for Summit attendees Fri-Feb 27 (05:00-23:30), Sat-Feb 28 (07:00-23:00) and Sun-Mar 1 (07:00-23:00). Each airport terminal will have coordinators to greet attendees and assist with directing you to the proper taxi stands and/or meet your pre-arranged car. The coordinators will be holding ICANN signs and will be located after you exit customs from the International and National Gates. Authorized taxis should cost approximately 125-200 pesos. The Melia and Sheraton are approximately 30 minutes drive time from the airport.

Sleeping Rooms: Upon arrival at the hotel please check-in at the front desk to secure your room. Hotel check-in time is 15:00 and check-out time is13:00. If your room is not ready when you arrive, the front desk will hold your luggage for you.

Welcome Packet: When you check-in at the Melia, you will be given a Welcome Packet of material to include maps of the hotels, suggestions for local dining, information and any updated agenda details.

Hospitality Desk: We will have a Hospitality Desk at the Melia on Fri Feb 27 from 09:00-19:00. We will be available to answer questions regarding The Summit and provide information on transportation, dining and local sites.

Shuttle Van Service: The Melia and Sheraton are a short walking distance between each other. For added security during the evening hours, we have arranged for shuttle vans to circulate each evening between the Sheraton, Melia and Embassy Suites hotels Sat-Feb 28 thru Fri-Mar 6 from 17:30 thru 23:00. The shuttle vans stop at the Main Entrance of each hotel.

Conference Registration: At-Large Conference registration will be located on Level 2 outside Don Diego 3 of the Sheraton Centro Historico Hotel. Your name badge and program material may be picked up there Sat-Feb 28 from 08:00-12:00. If you register after this time, registration will move to The Meeting’s main conference registration desk on Level 4. You must check-in and obtain your name badge to attend The Summit.

How to Reach Us: Wed Feb 25–Thu Mar 5, we can be reached at a local Mexico phone number 52-55-1941-9363. Please call us, if you are having any problems while en-route or upon your arrival to Mexico City. If you need assistance outside of these dates, please call our U.S. number at +1-480-403-4612.

Meals: Other than specified below, most meals will be on your own. There will be coffee and beverages served throughout meeting times.

  • Continental Breakfast with the ICANN Board of Directors on Thu-Mar 5 at the Sheraton in Don Diego 1.
  • Beverages and light hors d’oeuvres at the ALS Fayre and Poster Exhibition Opening with the Fellows Sun-Mar 1 at the Melia in Revolucion 1.
  • Gala Event and Dinner on Wed-Mar 4 at the San Hipoilito Convent.

Special Needs: Please advise if you have any special needs or accessibility requirements we should be aware of no later than Mon-Feb 23.

Attire: Business casual.

Safety and Security Tips: As in any other big city, it is important to take responsibility for your personal safety and exercise precaution. There are tips and advisories listed below that you should read before you go.

Emergency numbers will be printed on the back of your name badge. If you are the victim of a crime, have lost personal items or have an emergency, there will be Police, Paramedic and Fire numbers printed on the back of your name badges. In addition, there will be an ICANN Hotline +1 310-301-3853 that will be manned 24hrs a day to provide additional support and assistance. Communication on this line will primarily take place in English, however attempts will be made to seek Spanish and French translating assistance if available.


Think preventively when packing for your trip ; consider leaving behind expensive jewelry, watches, and items of sentimental value. A smaller, inexpensive camera may be a better choice than larger, expensive models. You may not need to take an ATM card if your credit card and a limited amount of cash will suffice.

Make a copy of your passport to carry in your luggage separately from your actual passport. Consider storing a digital scan of your passport (and/or other critical documents) with family, friends, or your employer so that it could be emailed to you in an emergency.

Avoiding crime is often a matter of keeping a low profile. Consider exchanging some currency to Pesos before you begin travel and avoid displaying large amounts of cash if you use the exchanges at the Mexico City airport.


Taxis are regulated and passengers should pay in advance at the taxi counter in Arrivals. Taxi fare from the airport to the Summit venue and nearby hotels should be approximately 125-200 pesos. Use only the clearly marked “AUTHORIZED TAXI service. These cars are white and yellow with black airplane stickers on the doors. A drawing of a car on the ticket will tell you what type of car the ticket is valid for. It is not recommended to walk outside the airport terminal in search of cheaper taxi service unless you have pre-arranged your service. Do not use the Green and White taxis.

More information about Taxis from the airport is available at:


When leaving your hotel room to go out at night, take only the cash you need for each excursion and consider leaving your credit cards, watch, and jewelry behind in the hotel room safe.

Keep your ICANN conference badge with you for quick reference to the venue address and emergency telephone numbers, but avoid wearing your badge on the street. Be aware that laptop bags and exposed mobile phones are tempting items for thieves.

Use the available after hours shuttle vans between the hotels or request a taxi from the hotel and ask the concierge for a street map. Keep low profile. Avoid taking the Metro and hailing taxis or asking strangers for directions on the street.

Use Common Sense. If you must walk at night, walk with companions, avoid the empty streets and keep to the major thoroughfares, even if that means walking a few extra blocks. What may look like a safe side street in the daytime, may pose greater risks after dark.

Many pickpockets and street criminals employ distractions by accomplices. Avoid stopping to help someone in a busy place, even if it's a child or elderly person.

If you are accosted on the street, keep your cool, hand over your valuables, and don't try to fight back. The person confronting you may not be alone.

Be careful near traffic. Automobile accidents are not uncommon and vehicles do not defer to pedestrians. Some sidewalks in older areas may be in need of repair - so watch you step and avoid distractions such as talking or texting on your phone while walking.

Avoid crowds of demonstrators. Demonstrations near the meeting venue are common, and usually peaceful. However, even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate to violence and police arrest unexpectedly.

If you need to use a cash machine, use those located in hotels or banks. Avoid cash machines on streets or less busy areas. If you need help, ask an employee at the bank or hotel.

Keep your belongings in sight particularly in open areas like restaurants, bars, parks, and even in the rooms at the Meeting and Summit venues. Don't leave purses, laptop bags, or cameras hanging on chairs or on the floor.

Additional Information: Additional details about the conference, including transportation options, is available online at

If there is anything else, you need before arriving in Mexico City, please feel free to contact our office via phone at +1 480-403-4612, fax at +1 480-893-7775 or e-mail We look forward to seeing you soon!