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Information for the traveler

Location : The main accommodation and our At-Large meetings is:

Gran Melia Mexico Reforma Hotel (MELIA) à Mexico,
Paseo de la Reforma, 1
City Mexico
Phone: + (52) 55 5063 1000

More detail:

Lectures were also given in (walkable)

Sheraton Centro Historico Hotel (Sheraton)
Av. Juarez No. 70 Col.

Mexico City
main reception Phone: + 52 55 5130 5300

More detail:

Arrival at the airport : There will be a specific bus service to go from the airport to the hotels. However, in the airport itself will be a team of coordination. This equipment will be available on Friday, February 27 (from 5 h à 23 h 30), Saturday 28 (from 7 h to 23 h 00) and Sunday 1 March (from 7 h to 23 h 00). These coordinators met at every airport terminal, once past customs and help travelers find the taxi or car to be booked. These people are easy to identify: they carried placards with the name of ICANN. Trip fare authorized by the airport taxi is between 125 and 200 pesos to go to hotels. Melia and Sheraton are about 30 minutes from the airport.

Room : On arrival at the hotel, stop by the Receiver to confirm your reservation. Rooms are available starting at 15 h 00 the day of check-in and must be released at 13 h 00 the day of departure (check-out). If you are still not free your room when you arrive, you. You can leave your luggage at the central reception of the hotel. 

Welcome information : Upon arriving at the hotel will receive documentation welcome with maps, directions for meals and recent changes in the agenda of the meetings.

Information booth ICANN : It will open a booth for information about the summit, convenient transportation and proposals for tours and restaurants, on Friday 27 February 09 h 00 à 19 h 00.

Bus service between hotels : Although hotels are very close to each other, for security reasons, you will be provided a bus service connecting the Sheraton, Melia and Embassy together hotels The service will be operating between 17 h 00 and 23 h 00 from Saturday February 28 to March 6. The stop will be at the main entrance of each hotel.

Inscriptions in the conference : The ticket office to sign up for conferences At-Large is located on the second floor, outside the room at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel. There you will receive ID card (badge) and the need to address the conference and meeting material. The box office will be operational on February 28 from 8 h 00 to 12 h 00. Then he will move to the registration desk in the main ICANN meetings. Registration is required to attend the At-Large events

Contact us : From Wednesday, February 25 to Tuesday March 5, you can contact us by dialing the local number in Mexico: 52-55-1941-9363. Do not hesitate if you have a problem getting to Mexico or in Mexico. Outside of these dates, our phone number in the US: + 1-480-403-4612.

Meals : PD has to deal with their meals apart from the events that follow. Between meetings coffees and refreshments will be served.

  • Continental breakfast with the ICANN Board :
    Tuesday, March 5, Don Diego 1 room, Sheraton
  • Fair ALS
    tapas and refreshments for representatives of ALS and ICANN fellows
  • Gala and food
    Wednesday, March 4, Convento San Hipoilito.  

Other requirements : Any other desire or need something to facilitate their access to places, please send an email to: before Monday 23 February.

Clothing : professional yet casual

Safety Tips : Like any big city, you have to be careful. Here comes a few tips that may be useful.

Emergency phone : In verse of his ID card find a number of useful numbers: the police, emergency medical service etc.

There is also the emergency number ICANN +1 310-301-3853 who can answer them in English 24 h / 24. Now we try to find a solution so that the service can also cater for French speaking and Spanish

Before catching the plane, SOME TIPS

Discard the sentimental items that are not essential. Also note that sophisticated cameras attract thieves. A simpler system will suffice. ATM cards are not necessary if you already have a credit card and some local money.

Make a copy of your passport. This copy may place it in another place than your passport inside luggage or could think of giving a digital copy of your most essential data: passport and other relatives or friends or your employer so that can give you this information again by email in case of emergency. In any case, we recommend to be discreet. It would be better to have some local currency on arrival to avoid having to change tickets at the airport and be loaded with money at the airport, which also attracts.

Going to the hotel from the airport in Mexico . There at the airport authorized taxi services. You pay for the service at the box office taxi. The price of your trip will be between 125 and 200 pesos. Authorized taxis have a picture plane on the doors and are white with yellow parts. More information . Please do not use other unless it has arranged before but want to use a cheaper service. Do not use the green taxis. Another site of interest with respect to taxis

After meetings and during them
When you. Leave the hotel, do not carry valuable items that are not necessary and take only enough money. Take note to leave your credit cards in a safe place. We forget your ID card (badge) since it contains information about emergency numbers. However, do not take place in plain sight when in the street. Use specific bus service to go to a hotel the other evening reception and ask street plan. Do not act conspicuously. Avoid asking their way to people who do not know.

Use your common sense
If you ride at night, do so in the company. Do not drive through the deserted streets and wide avenues use even if it is a longer route. A small cul - day problems can be dangerous at night. Many thieves and other criminals do not act alone so do not try to use force to defend themselves. Avoid stopping to help people in places where there are many people, even when it comes to children or elderly. Sometimes they are traps. If someone approaches you on the street, keep calm but pay attention to your personal belongings.

Prudencia trafficking
There are many car accidents. In particular, drivers do not have much respect towards pedestrians. Some sidewalks are in disrepair, especially in older neighborhoods. Pay attention when walking and avoid calling the phone or texting when walking.

Stay apart from the demonstrations
in the hotel area manifestations usually occur. Please do not participate in them even if they are peaceful. There can always be violence.

If you need to get some money from the ATM, do so at the hotel. Do not use appliances street or are in places where there are not many people. If you need assistance, see the staff or banks.

Always watch your belongings
Especially in public places including bars, restaurants and even in places of meetings. Do not leave your wallet, your computer or camera bag left on a chair or on the floor.

Additional information
Some additional information on the summit and transport are in

If you want something more before reaching Mexico, please contact us at our office at
Tel. : +1 480-403-4612
Fax: +1 480-893-7775