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Bylaws Amendments and Documents to Implement the NomCom2 Review



  1. Phase 1. Élaboration de la première version préliminaire
    100% complete

    Fini: 11 mai 2023

  2. Phase 2. Ouvert à la consultation publique
    100% complete

    Fini: 19 mai 2023

  3. Phase 3. Finalisation de la version préliminaire finale
    100% complete

    Fini: 22 mai 2023

  4. Phase 4. Vote de l'ALAC
    100% complete

    Fini: 25 mai 2023

  5. Phase 5. Soumission
    100% complete

    Envoyé: 26 mai 2023

Soumettre une déclaration

Échéance de la soumission: 26 mai 2023 23:59 UTC


ALAC Submission: Background The NomCom2 Review concluded in 2018 with the publication of the Independent Examiner’s Final Report, after the related Public Comment proceeding. The NomComRIWG drafted a detailed implementation plan for NomCom2 Review recommendations, which was accepted by the ICANN Board in 2019. The NomComRIWG submitted regular implementation status reports to the ICANN Board via the Organizational Effectiveness Committee (OEC), including its final implementationVoir les commentaires publics à

Déclarations de l’ALAC




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