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What is ICANN Public Comment? 

Public Comment is a vital element in ICANN's decision-making process whereby everyone is given an opportunity to comment on topic-specific reports, proposals, recommendations, and PDP related deliverables initiated by the ICANN Community and Staff Departments. Each Public Comment provides links to relevant announcement, key document, reference sources, and the comment forum. To see an example, check out ICANN’s Public Comment landing page:

Each Public Comment solicitation is open for at least 40 days. During this period, any individual or organization, both internal and external to ICANN, can submit comments. After the comment period closes, ICANN Staff produces the Staff Summary Report that compiles and synthesizes the comments received for the originators to evaluate and incorporate in the final product.

The ALAC has been actively participating in the Public Comment proceedings by submitting ALAC Policy Advice Statements in response to given topics.