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AFRALO Statement: ICANN Africa Regional Plan for Fiscal Years 2021-2025



  1. Phase 1. Develop First Draft
    100% complete

    Ended: 1 May 2020

  2. Phase 2. Open for Comment
    100% complete

    Ended: 10 May 2020

  3. Phase 3. Finalize Final Draft
    100% complete

    Ended: 22 May 2020

  4. Phase 4. ALAC Vote
    100% complete

    Ended: 27 May 2020

  5. Phase 5. Submission
    100% complete

    Submitted: 27 May 2020

Submitted a Statement

Submission due: 27 May 2020 23:59 UTC


Purpose: This draft document presents ICANN's Africa Regional Plan for Fiscal Years 2021-2025, in an effort to align the regional strategy with ICANN Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2021-2025Opens a new window. This Public Comment proceeding seeks input on the ICANN Africa Regional Plan for Fiscal Years 2021-2025. Current Status: The document was prepared by the community, taking into consideration the feedback from diverse stakeholder groups in a bottom-up manner. The regional plan follows the five objectives identified in the ICANN Strategic Plan, but approaches them from a regional perspective, referencing some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Next Steps: ICANN org willSee public comment in

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