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FY14 Draft Operating Plan and Budget



  1. Phase 1. Desenvolvimento da primeira versão
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    Encerrado em: 28 Mai 2013

  2. Phase 2. Aberta para comentários
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  3. Phase 3. Finalização da versão final
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    Encerrado em: 11 Jun 2013

  4. Phase 4. Votação do ALAC
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    Encerrado em: 21 Jun 2013

  5. Phase 5. Envio
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    Enviado: 21 Jun 2013

Declaração em finalização

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ICANN is now opening a public comment forum for the FY14 Draft Operating Plan and Budget. Community members are kindly asked to provide feedback on the various aspects of the proposed budget and implementation of ICANN resources for the coming fiscal year, including operational growth tied to carry-over and new projects and the core functions of ICANN.Veja os comentários públicos em

Declaração do ALAC

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