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At-Large News

  1. At a Glance Representatives from the At-Large community will hold 22 forma meetings as well as numerous informal meetings during the 53rd. ICANN Public Meeting scheduled to take place in Buenos Aries, Argentina 21st through 25th June 2015. The topics of focus will be the NTIA IANA Functions' Stewardship Transition
    Topic(s): Accountability/Transparency, DNS, IANAOrganization(s): ALAC
  2. ALAC Comments on CCWG-Accountability 2nd Draft Report Date: 11 September 2015 At a Glance The ALAC has made extraordinary efforts to enhance At-Large members' understanding of and engagement in the public comment on the Cross Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANN Accountability (CCWG-Accountability) 2nd
  3. The ALAC chartered the At-Large Structure (ALS) Criteria and Engagement Taskforce to recommend to theALAC a revised set of criteria for all ALSes, including expectations of how RALOs, the ALAC and ICANN At-Large Staff will engage ALSes, and expectations of ALS participation in At-Large and ICANN.
  4. In response to a public comment proceeding, the ALAC ratified and submitted a statement on the GNSOReview Draft Report.
    Topic(s): Reviews/ImprovementsOrganization(s): ALAC
  5. Cross-RALO Activities All RALOs have been requested to draft outreach and engagement strategies that will serve to guide the allocation of funds from the Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (CROPP) for outreach and engagement. Each RALO's strategic plan should explain FY16 outreach and engagement goals and
    Topic(s): EngagementOrganization(s): AFRALO, APRALO, EURALO, LACRALO, NARALO
  6. AFRALO members continue to track developments in the IANA Stewardship Transition and Enhancing ICANNAccountability efforts.
    Topic(s): Accountability/Transparency, IANAOrganization(s): AFRALO
  7. At-Large staff and Global Stakeholder Engagement staff at ICANN's hub office in Singapore recently hosted the third capacity building webinar, Basic DNS and DNS Ecosystem featuring Steve Sheng, Director, SSAC &RSSAC Advisory Development Support. Mr. Sheng provided overviews of IP addressing, the DNS, domain
    Topic(s): DNS, Engagement, Security/StabilityOrganization(s): APRALO
  8. EURALO members are preparing for the EURALO General Assembly (GA) to be held 21 October during ICANN54. The GA will consist of two 90-minute sessions. The morning session will focus on the topic of the public interest. The afternoon session will discuss process issues including the finalization of regional
    Topic(s): Public Interest, Reviews/ImprovementsOrganization(s): EURALO
  9. LACRALO is holding a vote— begun on 17 August and ending on 24 August—on a motion to focus the first 30 minutes of each monthly call on a debate of current public comment proceedings. The process to elect aLACRALO ALAC member also continues with a new vote being planned soon.
    Organization(s): LACRALO
  10. The first monthly edition of the NARALO Newsletter, "NARALO News, Keeping the Region Informed" was recently published. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep the North American region informed of individualALS updates and to provide another channel of communications that goes beyond usual activities.
    Organization(s): NARALO
  11. With a significant increase in the number of accredited At-Large Structures (ALS) and individual members joining the At-Large community over the last several months, an At-Large Onboarding Program is launching this month. The aim of this new staff-initiated program is to facilitate ALS and individual member
  12. At-Large community members greatly appreciated the live demonstration of the alpha version of the new At-Large website. They commented positively on the progress, enjoyed the user experience, and provided a large amount of valuable feedback.
  13. The ALAC and At-Large community held 29 meetings at ICANN53, which resulted in many Action Items. TheALAC unanimously passed the ALAC Motion to adopt the Final Transition Proposal of the Cross Community Working Group on Naming-Related Functions (CWG-Stewardship). The ALAC also moved towards a consensus on the
  14. During ICANN53, the ALAC unanimously passed a motion to adopt the Final Transition Proposal of the Cross Community Working Group on Naming-Related Functions (CWG-Stewardship). The ALAC submitted additional comments accompanying the motion. Furthermore, two ALAC statements in response to public comment requests
    Topic(s): Accountability/Transparency, IANAOrganization(s): ALAC
  15. The Chairs and Secretariats of the five Regional At-Large Organizations (RALOs) will be extremely active during ICANN53 as they collaborate with the ALAC and meet with community leaders and ICANN senior staff. All five RALO Chairs will participate in the Community Roundtable with SO/AC/SG/RALO Chairs on 19 June.
    Topic(s): EngagementOrganization(s): AFRALO, ALAC, APRALO, EURALO, LACRALO, NARALO