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At-Large News

  1. Read the latest report here >>
  2. Download the ICANN71 Policy Outcomes Report here:
  3. Learn more about the decisions and outcomes of the #ICANN69 Virtual Annual General Meeting in the ICANN69 Policy Outcomes Report, available here >> #ICANN
  4. See ALAC/At-Large ICANN69 Talking Points here.
  5. The Pre-ICANN68 Policy Report is now available! Click here to access the report >>
  6. Read the ALAC Advice to the ICANN Board on DNS Abuse, submitted on 24 December 2019, here.
  7. See ratified statement with cover letter here:
  8. On 16 May, the ALAC passed the consensus call to endorse the following three candidates for the Second Registration Directory Services (RDS) Review Team: Dmitry Belyavsky (Russia, EU), Alan Greenberg (Canada, NA), and Carlton Samuels (Jamaica, LAC). The ALAC received six applications requesting endorsement. The
    Topic(s): Reviews/Improvements, WHOISOrganization(s): ALAC
  9. In a collaborative effort between At-Large Community members and ICANN Policy Staff, a briefing paper entitled “At-Large Community Policy Issues – Why End Users Should Care” has been published. This document provides an overview of 12 topics that At-Large has been contributing input within ICANN, ranging from
  10. The ALAC enjoyed a busy period of policy advice development activities and submitted four Policy Advice Statements in response to the ICANN Public Comment proceedings, as well as the public comment initiated by the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG). Notably, the ALAC has made extraordinary
  11. Representatives from the At-Large community will hold 24 meetings during the 49th ICANN Public Meeting in Singapore. These meetings include traditional policy meetings, At-Large Working Group Meetings, and meetings with the ASO, ccNSO, GAC leadership, NCSG, SSAC, RSSAC and ICANN Board of Directors. In addition,
    Topic(s): DNS, ICANN Board/Bylaws, IDN, New gTLDs, WHOISOrganization(s): AFRALO, ALAC, APRALO, NARALO