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  1. Topic(s): Operations/FinancesOrganization(s): AFRALO, ALAC, APRALO, EURALO, LACRALO, NARALO
  2. Read the ALAC Advice to the ICANN Board on DNS Abuse, submitted on 24 December 2019, here.
  3. See the Call for Expressions of Interest (EoIs) for the At-Large Board Member Position 2019-2020 Cycle on
  4. See the ratified statement here:
    Topic(s): Operations/FinancesOrganization(s): AFRALO, ALAC, APRALO, EURALO, LACRALO, NARALO
  5. The Post-ICANN65 Policy Report is now available! Click here to learn more >>
  6. See the statement on the At-Large workspace:
    Topic(s): Operations/FinancesOrganization(s): AFRALO, ALAC, APRALO, EURALO, LACRALO, NARALO
  7. The incoming ALAC Members and Regional Leaders who will be taking their seats at the end of ICANN63 in Barcelona. They are noted below by RALO: AFRALO ALAC Member: Tijani Ben Jemaa; Secretary: Sarah Kiden APRALO ALAC Member: Holly Raiche; Chair: Satish Babu; Vice-Chair: Ali AlMeshal EURALO ALAC Member: Bastiaan
  8. On 21 September 2017, Alan Greenberg, At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) Chair, presented the At-Large Review Feasibility Assessment and Implementation Plan to the ICANN Board Organizational Effectiveness Committee (OEC). The document was developed in response to the At-Large review recommendations. ITEMS
  9. In August 2017, Alan Greenberg announced that he will serve as the ALAC Chair till the end of ICANN63. He aims to continue the work with enhancing the effectiveness of At-Large Structures, to start the At-Large Review Implementation as well as to see the ICANN Accountability efforts be completed. Also, the
  10. Decisions and Outcomes At ICANN59, the At-Large community held 25 sessions, including local and regional outreach activities and meetings with other stakeholders. The ALAC and the Regional At-Large Organization (RALO) leaders discussed public interest issues pertinent to the end-user community, including new
  11. What Happened at ICANN57? The ALAC approved the Charter of the Cross Community Working Group (CCWG) on Auction Proceeds and would name a Co-Chair of the group. The ALAC has also decided to continue being a Chartering Organization of CCWG on Internet Governance. Endorsed by the ALAC, the Second At-Large Summit
  12. Since April, a taskforce within the European Regional At-Large Organization (EURALO) met weekly to review and redraft its Articles of Association (“Bylaws”), which were adopted in April 2007 and amended in May 2011. The aim of this effort is to improve EURALO’s organizational efficiency and effectiveness by
  13. During the April 2016 APRALO Monthly Teleconference, we had 5 apologies and 19 community members actually present. A very good turnout. An English transcript and recording is available for those who couldn't make it. (there is a Chinese audio recording available as well). Below is a brief overview what has been
  14. In the Statement responding to this public comment proceeding, the ALAC noted the improvements in clarity in the FY17 Operating Plan & Budget in comparison with the ones in past years. However, the ALAC pointed out several areas where clarification is needed. This includes the operational responsibilities of
    Topic(s): Operations/FinancesOrganization(s): ALAC