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Enhancing the Effectiveness of ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model – Next Steps



  1. Phase 1. Élaboration de la première version préliminaire
    100% complete

    Fini: 8 juil. 2020

  2. Phase 2. Ouvert à la consultation publique
    100% complete

    Fini: 28 juil. 2020

  3. Phase 3. Finalisation de la version préliminaire finale
    100% complete

    Fini: 31 juil. 2020

  4. Phase 4. Vote de l'ALAC
    100% complete

    Fini: 2 août 2020

  5. Phase 5. Soumission
    100% complete

    Envoyé: 2 août 2020

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Échéance de la soumission: 2 août 2020 23:59 UTC


Brief Overview Purpose: To get community feedback on the "Enhancing the Effectiveness of ICANN's Multistakeholder Model – Next Steps" paper. Current Status: The ICANN Board considered community input on the Draft FY21-25 Operating & Financial Plan. The Board took the community input, modified the paper to account for the feedback, and is now asking for additional input on the updated document. The updated "Enhancing the Effectiveness of ICANN's Multistakeholder Model – Next Steps" paper describes work currently underway, identifies gaps in those efforts that would benefit from inclusion in this effort, and suggests a path toward addressing each of those gaps, including proposed work processes or

Déclarations de l’ALAC

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