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Briefing Paper on At-Large Community Policy Issues Published

In a collaborative effort between At-Large Community members and ICANN Policy Staff, a briefing paper entitled “At-Large Community Policy Issues – Why End Users Should Care” has been published. This document provides an overview of 12 topics that At-Large has been contributing input within ICANN, ranging from Accountability and Transparency of ICANN to WHOIS and Registration Directory Services. The document also explains why each issue is relevant or of concern to end users, with the aim to help more users understand the work of At-Large and get involved in ICANN. At-Large members have widely shared this briefing paper for outreach and capacity building purposes. Rinalia Abdul Rahim, the Board Director selected by At-Large, requested the development of this document as part of her preparation for the Board Workshop in September 2016. As a related effort, a briefing paper focused on the hot topics for the European Regional At-Large Organization (EURALO) was also published and shared during the meeting between the ICANN Board and the European Commission Director-General for Communications Network, Content, and Technology in September.