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At-Large Board Member Selection Timeline - 2017 Round

On behalf of the Board Member Selection Process Committee (BMSPC), we would like to announce the selection process timeline of the Board Director chosen by the At-Large Community, who will be seated at the end of ICANN60 (2017 Annual General Meeting - AGM). To view the timeline, please click here: 

The seat no.15 of the ICANN Board of Directors is dedicated to a member selected by the At-Large Community. This seat is currently occupied by Rinalia Abdul Rahim, who assumed the position at the end of ICANN51 (2014 AGM). Her 3-year term will be completed at the closing of ICANN60 (2017 AGM).

The At-Large Community process for selecting the next Board Director began in September 2016, with the appointment of the Chairs and Members of the Board Member Selection Process Committee (BMSPC) and the Board Candidate Evaluation Committee (BCEC).

The BMSPC will be overseeing the entire selection process for the At-Large Board Director, including the development of the selection timeline and the election culminating the process. The BCEC is tasked to delineate candidate requirements and expectations, as well as identify, compile, and evaluate the initial slate of applicants for the Board Director position.

Both groups have regionally balanced membership and will be operating with strict code of conduct and high confidentiality.