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Initial Report of the New gTLD Auction Proceeds Cross-Community Working Group



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    截止于: 2018年10月29日

  2. Phase 2. 公共评议开放
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    截止于: 2018年11月26日

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    已提交: 2018年12月11日


提交到期: 2018年12月11日 23:59 UTC


Purpose: This public comment proceeding seeks to obtain input on the Initial Report of the New generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Auction Proceeds Cross-Community Working Group (CCWG). The CCWG is tasked with providing guidance on a framework to disburse the funds generated from auctions of last resort in 2012 application round of the new gTLD Program. Current Status: This Initial Report is being posted for public comment as foreseen in the CCWG's charter. Next Steps: Following review of public comments submitted, the CCWG will integrate public comments received as it works towards recommendations for inclusion in its Final Report.参见 中的公共评议