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IANA Naming Function Review: Recommendation for an IANA Naming Function Contract Amendment



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Purpose: This Public Comment proceeding has been opened on behalf of the ICANN organization (ICANN org) to prepare the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Naming Function Review Team (IFRT) Final Report for ICANN Board consideration. The IFR is an evaluation of Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) performance of the IANA naming function against the contractual requirements in the IANA Naming Function ContractOpens a new window and the IANA Naming Function SOWOpens a new window. The IFR Review Team's Recommendation 4 (page 5 of the IFR Final ReportOpens a new window [PDF, 2.2MB]) calls for an amendment to Article 7, Section 7.1 (a) of the IANA Naming Function Contract. Pursuant to ICANN Bylaws ArticleVeja os comentários públicos em

Declaração do ALAC




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