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APRALO-APAC Hub Joint Webinar on “DNS Security and DNS Abuse”

On May 17, the Asian, Australasian and Pacific Islands Regional At-Large Organization (APRALO) and the ICANN APAC Hub will jointly organize a webinar on the topic “DNS Security and DNS Abuse”. Speakers include Champika Wijayatunga, Regional Security, Stability and Resiliency Engagement Manager in ICANN and Kitisabk Jirawannakool, Information Security Specialist in the Electronic Government Agency of Thailand. They will present on the 1) threats and risks in the DNS, 2) importance of DNS security, 3) tools, techniques, and policy considerations in handling DNS abuse, and 4) ICANN’s work in keeping the Internet secure, stable, and resilient. Developed under the APRALO – APAC Pilot Framework launched in 2015, this webinar is the seventh one in the regional capacity building webinar series. More information

Topic(s): DNSEngagementSecurity/Stability

Organization(s): APRALO