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At-Large Work Methods & Collaboration Tools

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Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect (also referred to as the 'AC room') is used in all At-Large telconferences, as well as for remote participation during physical meetings. Providing audio, video, and collaboration capabilities, its single user interface allows participants to instant message each other, review the meeting agenda and documents, follow presentations, and raise their hands in order to make comments.

It usually requires the user having high Internet bandwidth to leverage its dynamic features. 

For some meetings, it is possible to use the Adobe Connect room to listen to the meeting’s audio, rather than using the available telephone bridge provided by Adigo. However, many ALAC calls are simultaneously interpreted into more than one language, and at present it is not possible to choose different language channels through Adobe Connect.

The URL to the Adobe Connect room for any given At-Large meeting is located on its Event Calendar page, as well as its page in the Confluence Community Wiki that also contains the meeting’s agenda.

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