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ALAC Submits Advisory on the At-Large Review Implementation Plan to the Board

On 29th October 2009, the At-Large Advisory Committee submitted the following Statement to the ICANN Board Structural Improvements Committee.

Dear Diane,

The At-Large staff has the honour to transmit to you the ALAC Advisory on the At-Large Review Implementation on behalf of the At-Large Advisory Committee.

The ALAC voted on 14th October 2009 to transmit the attached Outline Plan to the Structural Improvements Committee of the ICANN Board for information. The ALAC believes that the attached forms an excellent basis for detailed planning to take place, on the understanding that in doing so, additional elements of work may be necessary in order to carry out the recommendations approved by the Board for implementation. The ALAC, and At-Large in general, believes that the At-Large community is best placed to judge how precisely to implement the recommendations and looks forward to discussions in Seoul with the SIC.

The ALAC welcomes any comments the Board Structural Improvements Committee may wish to make by reply.


Nick Ashton-Hart, Heidi Ullrich, Matthias Langenegger, Gisella Gruber-White
ICANN At-Large Staff