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At-Large Community Responds to the Independent Review Draft Report

Following the publication of the At-Large Review Draft Report by ITEMS, the ALAC and the At-Large Review Working Party (WP) submitted one comprehensive response as an ALAC Statement in late March. The ALAC fully supports eight of the sixteen Recommendations proposed by ITEMS, partly supports five, and rejects three. The Recommendations that the ALAC supports are generally about the ALAC’s roles in outreach, awareness raising, and participation in ICANN policy and processes. ALAC believes many of these recommendations are already in progress being implemented. A strong focus of ITEMS’ Recommendations and Implementation suggestions involve significant structural changes to the At-Large Community. The ALAC believes that these proposals do not recognize existing policies that allow and support individual members. Holding similar views as the ALAC and the WP, the five Regional At-Large Organizations (RALOs) jointly submitted a separate Statement focused on the issues and recommendations particularly relevant to the RALOs. Both Statements incorporate extensive, bottom-up input from across the At-Large Community via teleconferences, face-to-face meetings, and various collaboration and communications channels. Notably, 73 At-Large Structures (ALSes) directly participated in online ratification votes on the RALO Statement, which resulted in overwhelming amount of support. In late April, ITEMS published the Draft Final Report which is meant to consider the feedback received from the public comment. The WP has been discussing with ITEMS about changes made in the Draft Final Report and providing corrections and clarifications before the publication of the Final Report for public comment. To track the At-Large Review process, visit its wiki workspace