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NARALO Celebration + At-Large Events at ICANN61

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NARALO Celebration at ICANN61

TUESDAY, 13 MARCH 2018 12:00 to 13:30 LOCAL TIME (SAN JUAN)

Terrace, Conference Center

The North American Regional At-Large Organization (NARALO) invites you to its event to be held at the ICANN61 Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This networking event aims to facilitate outreach activities for regional Internet user organizations attending the ICANN61 Meeting and to celebrate NARALO achievements during its 11-year anniversary. The NARALO Celebration will be an occasion to meet informally with NARALO and other At-Large community members, recognizing its founding in Puerto Rico in 2007. The event will feature brief addresses by NARALO and ICANN leaders, with street music by Rumba Plena following.



Göran Marby
ICANN President & CEO
Cherine Chalaby
ICANN Board Chairman
Léon Sanchez
Board Director selected by At-Large 
Alan Greenberg
Chair of the ALAC
Eduardo Diaz
Glenn McKnight
NARALO Secretariat
Chris Mondini
GSE VP North America
Brian Cute
Public Interest Registry CEO



Street music by Rumba Plena



Additional details on the NARALO ALSes can be found here.



Venue: Terrace, Conference Center

Tuesday, 13 March 2018 12:00 - 13:30 Local Time (San Juan)



  1. Welcome - Eduardo Diaz, NARALO Chair (12:05 -12:07)
  2. Sponsor Message - Brian Cute, Public Interest Registry CEO (PIR) (12:07 - 12:10)
  3. NARALO Journey: Past to Present - Glenn McKnight, NARALO Secretariat (12:10 - 12:12)
  4. How the Region has Changed - Chris Mondini, VP, Stakeholder Engagement NA & GBE, GSE - Business Engagement (12:12 - 12:15)
  5. What Does the Future Hold? - Göran Marby, ICANN President and CEO (12:18 - 12:21)
  6. Message from ICANN Chairman of the Board - Cherine Chalaby, ICANN Chairman of the Board (12:21-12:23)
  7. Message from Board Director selected by At-Large - Léon Sanchez, At-Large Board Director (12:23 - 12:25)
  8. Remarks from ALAC Chair - Alan Greenberg (12:25 - 12:27)
  9. Explanation of Music Show, Part 1 - Eduardo Diaz, NARALO Chair (12:27 - 12:30)
  10. Music, Part 1: Rumba Plena (12:30 - 12:45)
  11. Explanation of Music Show, Part 2 - Eduardo Diaz, NARALO Chair (12:45 - 12:48)
  12. Music, Part 2: Rumba Plena (12:48 - 13:03)
  13. Closing Remarks - Eduardo Diaz, NARALO Chair (13:04 - 13:07)
  14. NARALO Happy Birthday Celebration: Rumba Plena, All (13:07 - 13:30)


NARALO Interviews Coming Soon

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