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''Déclarations de l’ALAC

Planned Implementation of the New Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP)



  1. Phase 1. Élaboration de la première version préliminaire
    100% complete

    Fini: 6 nov. 2015

  2. Phase 2. Ouvert à la consultation publique
    100% complete

    Fini: 20 nov. 2015

  3. Phase 3. Finalisation de la version préliminaire finale
    100% complete

    Fini: 23 nov. 2015

  4. Phase 4. Vote de l'ALAC
    100% complete

    Fini: 27 nov. 2015

  5. Phase 5. Soumission
    100% complete

    Envoyé: 28 nov. 2015

Soumettre une déclaration

Échéance de la soumission: 28 nov. 2015 23:59 UTC


Note: This Statement is intended to be sent to the ICANN CEO & President Fadi Chehade, copying Board Chairman Steve Crocker, once the ALAC ratifies it. Reference materials that provide background to this Statement: Final Report from the Expert Working Group on gTLD Directory Services: A Next-Generation Registration Directory Service (RDS) (in particular, please reference Section III 'Users and Purposes' Page 19-39)

Déclarations de l’ALAC




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