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''Déclarations de l’ALAC

Invitation to Provide Feedback on the ICANN Board’s Proposed Public Interest Framework



  1. Phase 1. Élaboration de la première version préliminaire
    100% complete

    Fini: 7 oct. 2019

  2. Phase 2. Ouvert à la consultation publique
    100% complete

    Fini: 14 oct. 2019

  3. Phase 3. Finalisation de la version préliminaire finale
    100% complete

    Fini: 16 oct. 2019

  4. Phase 4. Vote de l'ALAC
    100% complete

    Fini: 18 oct. 2019

  5. Phase 5. Soumission
    100% complete

    Envoyé: 18 oct. 2019

Soumettre une déclaration

Échéance de la soumission: 18 oct. 2019 23:59 UTC


The global public interest (GPI) is central to many of ICANN’s primary governance documents - the Affirmation of CommitmentsOpens a new window, BylawsOpens a new window. and Articles of IncorporationOpens a new window. Operationalizing the concept of the GPI remains a challenge, despite years of attempts to understand and define it within ICANN. The ICANN Board identified the GPI as one of its 2019 operational priorities. In September 2019, the Board published a discussion paper on a proposed GPI frameworkOpens a new window, which marked the beginning of a longer process to develop a framework as a toolkit for the ICANN community to consider the global public interest. These considerations would not

Déclarations de l’ALAC




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