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Final Report Recommendations of the Geographic Regions Review Working Group



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    Finalizó: 9 abr 2016

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    Finalizó: 18 abr 2016

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    Presentado: 23 abr 2016

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Plazo de presentación: 23 abr 2016 23:59 UTC


Purpose: The cross-community Geographic Regions Review Working Group has produced its Final Report in which it proposes a series of recommendations regarding the ongoing application of the organization’s geographic regions framework. The ICANN Board is interested in further community reaction to those recommendations and has instructed the Staff to open and manage a public comment period of at least 120 days to give the community an opportunity to thoroughly review the proposals and provide any additional comments on the working group recommendations. Current Status: Community feedback is requested concerning the Working Group recommendations. Next Steps: Upon completion of the public comment period, staffVer comentarios públicos en

Declaración del ALAC




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