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''Declaración del ALAC

IDN Variant TLDs – LGR Procedure Implementation – Maximal Starting Repertoire Version 1



  1. Phase 1. Elaboración primer borrador
    100% complete

    Finalizó: 19 abr 2014

  2. Phase 2. Apertura para recepción de comentarios
    100% complete

    Finalizó: 21 abr 2014

  3. Phase 3. Finalizar primer borrador
    100% complete

    Finalizó: 28 abr 2014

  4. Phase 4. Votación del ALAC
    100% complete

    Finalizó: 3 may 2014

  5. Phase 5. Presentación
    100% complete

    Presentado: 3 may 2014

Presentación de una declaración

Plazo de presentación: 3 may 2014 23:59 UTC


ICANN is releasing for public comment version 1 of the Maximal Starting Repertoire (MSR-1). The MSR is the first deliverable under the "Procedure to Develop and Maintain Label Generation Rules for the Root Zone With Respect to IDN Labels" (the Procedure). Community members and specifically those working on Internationalized Domain Names, including IDN ccTLD and new gTLD applicants, as well as experts working on the development of Label Generation Rules are kindly asked to provide feedback.Ver comentarios públicos en

Declaración del ALAC




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