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''Declaración del ALAC

Draft PTI and IANA FY20 Operating Plan and Budgets



  1. Phase 1. Elaboración primer borrador
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    Finalizó: 13 oct 2018

  2. Phase 2. Apertura para recepción de comentarios
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    Finalizó: 9 nov 2018

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    Finalizó: 6 dic 2018

  4. Phase 4. Votación del ALAC
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    Finalizó: 11 dic 2018

  5. Phase 5. Presentación
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    Presentado: 11 dic 2018

Presentación de una declaración

Plazo de presentación: 11 dic 2018 23:59 UTC


Purpose: To obtain public comments on the Draft Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) Operating Plan and Budget and the DRAFT Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) FY20 Operating Plan and Budget. Current Status: These DRAFT Plans have been prepared and published for public review and comment. Next Steps: ICANN community participants should submit questions for clarification about details in the draft plans to planning@icann.orgOpens a new window by 05 October 2018. The organization will provide responses by 12 October 2018.

Declaración del ALAC

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