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Engaging Africa – At-Large Outreach Activities in Marrakech

Led by AFRALO, the At-Large Community held a series of exciting outreach events at ICANN55 to engage African end users and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Representatives of African NGOs participated in the daily capacity building sessions to deepen their understanding of ICANN and the At-Large Community.

For the first time, sixty university students from Rabat immersed themselves in ICANN55 and met with the ICANN CEO and Board Chairman.

At-Large leaders, accompanied by senior GSE and DPRD Staff, also traveled to the Université Cadi Ayyad of Marrakech and discussed ICANN multi-stakeholder model with the students. 

The AFRALO Showcase was a highlight of the At-Large outreach and engagement effort. The showcase was a tribute to the departing CEO Fadi Chehadé, who worked closely with many At-Large members, dedicating energy and efforts in the ICT development in Africa. 

Check out more photos and video of the Tribute to Fadi Chehadé & AFRALO Showcase and AFRALO outreach activities

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