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''ALAC Statement

Phase 1 Initial Report on the Internationalized Domain Names EPDP



  1. Phase 1. Develop First Draft
    100% complete

    Ended: 31 May 2023

  2. Phase 2. Open for Comment
    100% complete

    Ended: 7 Jun 2023

  3. Phase 3. Finalize Final Draft
    100% complete

    Ended: 16 Jun 2023

  4. Phase 4. ALAC Vote
    100% complete

    Ended: 26 Jun 2023

  5. Phase 5. Submission
    100% complete

    Submitted: 19 Jun 2023

Submitted a Statement

Submission due: 19 Jun 2023 23:59 UTC


ALAC Submission: On 20 May 2021, the GNSO Council voted to initiate the EPDP-IDNs that was tasked to: Determine the approach for a consistent definition of all gTLDs; and Develop policy recommendations that will eventually allow for the introduction of variant gTLDs at the top-level. The EPDP Team’s deliberation builds on the existing body of policy work, research, and analysis on the IDN subject, specifically the Outputs produced by the GNSO New gTLD Subsequent ProceduresSee public comment in

ALAC Statement




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