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ALAC Review Mid-Point Consultation Report



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    مقدم: 14 ديس 2008

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الموعد النهائي للتقديم: 14 ديس 2008 23:59 UTC


Explanation: The ALAC Review Working Group (WG) has released its Mid-point Consultation Report for discussion with the ICANN community. This preliminary report presents the WG’s “initial thinking” on the questions under review following the publication of the Independent Review of the At Large Advisory Committee by Westlake Consulting. It is based on consultation that the WG has undertaken with the ICANN community at the Paris meeting, through an online comment forum and at meetings with a variety of groups with the ICANN community. A summary of the consultation is contained in an appendix to the report.انظر التعليقات العامة على

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