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GNSO Guidance Process Applicant Support Guidance Recommendation Initial Report



  1. Phase 1. Develop First Draft
    100% complete

    Ended: 20 Aug 2023

  2. Phase 2. Open for Comment
    100% complete

    Ended: 25 Aug 2023

  3. Phase 3. Finalize Final Draft
    100% complete

    Ended: 8 Sep 2023

  4. Phase 4. ALAC Vote
    100% complete

    Ended: 26 Sep 2023

  5. Phase 5. Submission
    100% complete

    Submitted: 11 Sep 2023

Submitted a Statement

Submission due: 11 Sep 2023 23:59 UTC


The New gTLD Subsequent Procedures (SubPro) Final Report envisioned some levels of substantive work taking place during the Implementation Review Team (IRT) phase of the work, after ICANN Board adoption of the recommendations. In particular, it described the creation of a dedicated IRT charged “with developing implementation elements of the Applicant Support Program” including making substantive decisions on outreach activities and allocation of scarce resources (e.g., when there are more qualified applicants than available funds), among other activities. The GNSO Council committed to providing guidance on select topics where additional substantive work was envisaged by the recommendations andSee public comment in

ALAC Statement




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