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Updated Operating Standards for Specific Reviews



  1. Phase 1. Develop First Draft
    100% complete

    Ended: 23 Dec 2018

  2. Phase 2. Open for Comment
    100% complete

    Ended: 15 Feb 2019

  3. Phase 3. Finalize Final Draft
    100% complete

    Ended: 18 Feb 2019

  4. Phase 4. ALAC Vote
    100% complete

    Ended: 20 Feb 2019

  5. Phase 5. Submission
    100% complete

    Submitted: 20 Feb 2019

Submitted a Statement

Submission due: 20 Feb 2019 23:59 UTC


Purpose: This public comment proceeding seeks to solicit input on the updated Draft Operating Standards for Specific ReviewsOpens a new window (Operating Standards). The Operating Standards aim to ensure that ICANN's Specific Reviews are conducted in a transparent, consistent, efficient, and predictable manner, while supporting the community's work to derive the expected benefit and value from review processes.Areas of guidance in the Operating Standards, as mandated by the ICANN Bylaws, include review team selection process, conflict of interest practices, confidential disclosure to review teams, review team decision-making practices, and guidelines on how review teams are to work with and considerSee public comment in

ALAC Statement




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