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Outreach and Engagement 

The ALAC collaborates with RALOs to promote outreach and engagement activities in the community of individual Internet users and establish an outreach strategy about ICANN issues in each RALO's Region. The goal is to get new blood into the At-Large Community and develop a sustainable flow of individual Internet user volunteers.

Several At-Large working groups exert efforts in this area, such as the Outreach and Engagement Subcommittee, CROPP Review Team, Technology Taskforce, and Social Media Working Group.

Apart from those working groups, the ALAC collaborates with RALO leaders in organizing special events with an outreach and engagement focus, such as the RALO General Assemblies and At-Large Summit, during which representatives of At-Large Structures in the region or around the world meet face-to-face to learn about ICANN, discuss Internet issues important to end users, and network among each other.