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Operational Matters 

The ALAC also attends to a multitude of operational matters, including:

  • ALS accreditation – The process in which the 15 ALAC Members cast vote to accredit an organization as an At-Large Structure.
  • Meeting planning – Select topics for and help plan meeting schedules of ALAC, RALO, At-Large working group sessions during ICANN International Meetings.
  • Budget request review – Review proposals from RALOs for outreach, engagement, or capacity building related projects and their requests for budget allocations.
  • Selection of members – Evaluate and confirm candidates selected from the wider At-Large Community for certain positions that represent the ALAC, such as the Delegates to the NomCom, ALAC representatives to ICANN Cross Community Working Groups, etc.
  • Organizational review – Lead the process for the formal review of the At-Large Community effectiveness.