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  1. At-Large Advisory Committee Statement. To the ICANN Board on Public Consultation Related to Development of a Travel Policy To be read in conjunction with the Statement on the Draft Operating Plan for FY 2008-2009, a copy is found (for easy cross reference with this document) in PDF format, from this link. We
  2. ALAC Requests an Issues Report of the GNSO Staff Related to Domain Tasting Date: 8 May 2007 On 8 May 2007, the ALAC Liaison to the GNSO formally notified the Staff of ICANN that ALAC had resolved to request an Issues Report on the practice known as "Domain Tasting". The ability to request an Issues Report is
  3. After a 'Summer Break', the At-Large Newsletter team are back on the case, with new faces and a new look. Welcome to the October Edition! The online edition is available at - we hope you like it - and we want to hear from you so please feel free to
  4. In this issue: Action: THINK YOU CAN DO BETTER? — If you are interested in helping to lead ICANN (or know someone who is) now is the time to apply for a position on ICANN's Board, the ALAC, or a Supporting Organizations' Council. Recommendations and statements of interest are being sought by ICANN's Nominating
  5. Members of the ALAC created a new website -- -- for the At-Large community. It is intended to help inform and encourage a dialogue among members of ICANN's At-Large community about domain name system issues that affect the world's Internet users. At-Large community members are encouraged to
  6. In this issue: Action: More domain names! Fewer domain names! Debate on how ICANN should allow the worldwide Internet community to create and operate new top-level domains continues. Where do you stand? Action: ICANN vs. VeriSign -- round two. A revised proposed settlement for the ICANN/VeriSign lawsuits has been
  7. Input Requested on: the introduction of new gTLDs (deadline extended to 31 Janary 2006) review of sTLDs (before 4 February 2006) Introduction of New gTLDs (generic top level domains) ICANN is creating a process for introducing new generic top level domain names (gTLDs) and the ALAC needs the At-Large
  8. ICANN's Board unanimously adopted a resolution <> on 4 December 2005 which changed the bylaws to reduce the number of votes required to certify or decertify groups as "At-Large Structures." The At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) recommended that the
  9. Proposed ICANN/VeriSign Settlement Agreement Background ICANN has reached an agreement to end all pending litigation over its long-standing dispute with VeriSign. The settlement agreement documents have been posted for public comment <> and are
  10. This document represents a proposal by ICANN’s At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) for global policies to be introduced regarding internationalized domain names (IDNs). It does not, however, represent the unanimous views of the ALAC members. The ALAC will continue to discuss the principles enumerated below, and
  11. Vancouver ICANN Meeting: Focus on Individual Internet Users Tuesday, 29 November — Friday, 2 December Columbia's Westin Bayshore Resort & Marina Vancouver, BritishColumbia <> ~ Are you interested in using non-English (internationalized) domain names? ~ Do you want
  12. In this issue: Action: Dot What? How should more top level domain names be introduced? Action: What’s next for the ICANN vs. VeriSign lawsuits? And what will it mean for your .COM name? Action: Do you have a vision for ICANN’s future? Now is the time to share it. Meeting: Hold the date! Join ICANN At-Large in
  13. In this issue: Action: An agreement out for public comment would end the ICANN vs. VeriSign lawsuits, but at what price? Domain names could cost significantly more in 5 years… Action: Hi, 高 , Hola, 高い – the ICANN Community Tackles Internationalized Domain Names at the Vancouver Meeting. Your voice is needed.
  14. Posted for Public Comment: ALAC Proposes Change in At-Large Structure Certification Requirement Board Approval Sought for Change in Bylaws Regarding How ALAC Certifies Groups as "At-Structures" Send comments to Comments submitted will be publicly posted. The At-Large Advisory Committee
  15. In this issue: Action: Hi, 高 , Hola, 高い – Internationalized Domain Names Creep Forward. Your input is needed – and accepted in many languages. Action: Ready for the future? Your thoughts are needed on what ICANN should do to face opportunities and challenges the future will bring. Action: Hey .NET domain name