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  1. On 28 March, the ALAC passed a motion to rescind its advice on the Proposed Guidelines for the Second String Similarity Review Process, which was submitted to the ICANN public comment last year. The advice essentially supports the recommendations of the ccNSO Extended Process Similarity Review Panel (EPSRP)
  2. Following the publication of the At-Large Review Draft Report by ITEMS, the ALAC and the At-Large Review Working Party (WP) submitted one comprehensive response as an ALAC Statement in late March. The ALAC fully supports eight of the sixteen Recommendations proposed by ITEMS, partly supports five, and rejects
  3. What Happened at ICANN58? At ICANN58, the At-Large Community held 26 sessions to discuss priority topics impacting the community, particularly its ongoing organizational review. At-Large members engaged with the independent examiner ITEMS and other ICANN stakeholders, including the ICANN Board, the Governmental
  4. What to Expect at ICANN58 At ICANN58, the At-Large Community will focus on three areas: The At-Large Review - Undergoing an organizational review, the At-Large Community will leverage ICANN58 to focus on the Draft Report and interact with the Independent Examiner and broader ICANN community. Deliberation on the
  5. ITEMS International, the independent examiner, has been conducting the organizational review of the At-Large Community. The public comment of the At-Large Review Draft Report will be closed on 24 March 2017. The Draft Report proposes 16 recommendations that ITEMS believe will help improve At-Large Community’s
  6. The LACRALO Assembly was held from 30 January to 1 February 2017 to address the challenges in the region. Sixteen LACRALO leaders from the Caribbean and Latin America worked collaboratively to address past issues and plan the way forward. Mediators from the Consensus Building Institute, who have been working with
  7. What Happened at ICANN57? The ALAC approved the Charter of the Cross Community Working Group (CCWG) on Auction Proceeds and would name a Co-Chair of the group. The ALAC has also decided to continue being a Chartering Organization of CCWG on Internet Governance. Endorsed by the ALAC, the Second At-Large Summit
  8. Help make At-Large a more efficient and effective part of the ICANN community – all are invited to take part in the At-Large Review survey: The At-Large Review is conducted by the Paris-based consultancy firm, ITEMS who acts as the independent examiner. Taking (no more than) 30min to
    Topic(s): Reviews/ImprovementsOrganization(s): AFRALO, ALAC, APRALO, EURALO, LACRALO, NARALO
  9. The organizational review of the At-Large Community officially started in May following the appointment of ITEMS International as the independent examiner. In addition to assessing the effectiveness of the improvements resulting from the previous Review conducted in 2008, the purpose of this Review is to (1)
    Topic(s): Reviews/ImprovementsOrganization(s): AFRALO, ALAC, APRALO, EURALO, LACRALO, NARALO
  10. During the April 2016 APRALO Monthly Teleconference, we had 5 apologies and 19 community members actually present. A very good turnout. An English transcript and recording is available for those who couldn't make it. (there is a Chinese audio recording available as well). Below is a brief overview what has been
  11. In Marrakech, after spending nearly 10 hours of substantive discussions on the CCWG-Accountability Final Recommendations, the ALAC approved the proposal by consensus. This was the culmination of 1.5 years of efforts from the At-Large Community in contributing to the process of IANA stewardship transition and
  12. En Marrakech, tras dedicar casi 10 horas de profundos debates sobre las recomendaciones finales del CCWG sobre Responsabilidad (Grupo de Trabajo Intercomunitario sobre la Mejora de la Responsabilidad de la ICANN), el ALAC (Comité Asesor At-Large) aprobó la propuesta por consenso. Esta fue la culminación de 1 año y
  13. في مراكش، بعد قضاء ما يقرب من 10 ساعات في مناقشات موضوعية بشأن التوصيات النهائية لمجموعة العمل المجتمعية لتعزيز مساءلة ICANN، وافقت لجنة اللجنة الإستشارية العامة (ALAC) على الاقتراح بتوافق الآراء. وكان هذا تتويجًا لسنة ونصف من الجهود التي بذلها مجتمع At-Large في المساهمة في انتقال دور الإشراف على وظائف IANA وتعزيز
  14. A Marrakech, après environ 10 heures de discussions de fond sur les recommandations finales du CCWG-Responsabilité, l'ALAC a approuvé la proposition par consensus. Ce fut le point culminant d'une année et demie de travail de la communauté At-Large destiné à contribuer au processus de transition de la supervision
  15. В Марракеше, после почти 10 часов плодотворных обсуждений итоговых рекомендаций группы CCWG-Подотчетность, ALAC утвердил предложение на основе консенсуса. Это стало кульминацией 1,5-летней работы сообщества At-Large над внесением своего вклада в процесс передачи координирующей роли в исполнении функций IANA и