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APRALO April 2016 Monthly Report Updates

During the April 2016 APRALO Monthly Teleconference, we had 5 apologies and 19 community members actually present. A very good turnout. An English transcript and recording is available for those who couldn't make it. (there is a Chinese audio recording available as well).

Below is a brief overview what has been discussed during the call:

1. There is only one community consultation issue that is still open but closing very soon. The ALAC is asking the Board to consider budgeting funds each year to cater for RALO general assemblies and for a global Summit meeting every 4 years. APRALO is due to hold its general assembly at the last meeting of 2017. APRALO would like to get all its active ALSes to this meeting in Abu Dhabi. Please get involved.

2. The elections for APRALO leaders is open for nomination.  Nominations will be accepted up until 9 May. As part of nomination procedure each current leaders were asked individually if they are willing to continue and taking into consideration that they all are eligible for re-election, all of them have indicated that they are willing to stand again and are making themselves available for their current positions. Meanwhile, other nominations are welcomed. 

3. Don't forget the APAC Hub webinars. The next one on 17th May is about DNS Security and DNS Abuse (both important topics)

4. APRALO is enhancing its policy on unaffiliated individual APRALO members - that is, those members who don't belong to an ALS. If you have a view you would like to express please do so on the workspace.  APRALO wants to get the statement completed before Helsinki. 

5. Satish Babu gave an overview of the first Asia Pacific School of Internet Governance (APSIG) which is to be held in conjunction with the APTLD meeting in Bangkok in September 2016. Anyone interested in attending the school sessions please contact Satish Babu ( to find out more.