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First On-Boarding Webinar Held For New ALAC Members

As seven new members joined the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) at the end ICANN 54, ICANN At-Large Policy Staff, in collaboration with the ALAC Chair, held a structured ALAC on-boarding webinar in January to help members gain better understanding of the ALAC and facilitate their participation. As a first-time effort, this webinar explained the policy advice development process, introduced the activities of At-Large working groups, and walked through the requirements and responsibilities of ALAC members.

This webinar is a further development of the At-Large on-boarding initiative that started in the summer of 2015. The initiative first focused on new At-Large Structure (ALS) representatives and held two webinars for eight newly accredited ALSes that time. Participants not only got up to speed with At-Large, but also had an opportunity to share their experience with seasoned members and fellow newcomers. 

Having received strong, positive feedback from participants, the on-boarding efforts will continue to accelerate the integration, engagement, and growth of newcomers in the At-Large Community.