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APRALO in 2015! More to come in 2016!

Below are some APRALO activities and numbers we TOGETHER accomplished during 2015. Links of each highlighted topic are posted for easy access and view. 

  1. APRALO Showcase was conducted during ICANN 52 in Singapore meeting on 11th of February 2015 with the support of regional partners (DotAsia, APNIC and APTLD) and APRALO ALSs. The program and materials of the showcase are available here: APRALO Outreach Event Workspace

  2. 6 new ALSs joined during 2015 year, thus the total number of ALSs in APRALO by the end of December is 42. You can view the list of all ALSs here: APRALO ALSes & Independent Members. 

  3. Leveraging APAC for Capacity & Capability Building - 5 webinars were conducted within the framework of APRALO-APAC HUB. To view all webinars, records and transcrips, please, visit here: 2015 APRALO Capacity Building Webinar Series

  4. Community driven localized materials has been prepared in 5 languages: Korean, Hindi, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Cantonese / Traditional Chinese - all materials in local languages can be found here: KISA-ICANN Language Localisation Pilot Project

  5. APRALO Strategy was developed and activities implemented within the framework by different ALSs supporting APAC outreach to raise awareness & increase stakeholder participation. The approved strategy for FY16 can be viewed here: APRALO Outreach Strategic Plan

  6.  APRALO Outreach Calendar had been created to highlight the events on regional and national levels. All activities can be viewed here:

  7.  APRALO Rules of Procedures is in the process of finalization to increase the opportunity for individual members. The draft ROP can be viewed here: APRALO Rules of Procedures Review 2015- Individual membership

  8.  Two CROPP requests had been submitted and approved. All 5 slots had been used. The CROPP submissions can be viewed here: APRALO Trip Proposal 1 and APRALO Trip Proposal 2

  9.  Two e-books had been created, which can be viewed here:

  10.  Input for At-Large new website was provided and the full information about APRALO and other RALOs activities can now be viewed at:

This is also posted in our monthly report space, which you can always have access at:

With this, we would like to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this great team. Without your input and participation it would not be possible to accomplish so many achievements, but that means that we HAVE A LOT WORK TO DO IN 2016 to keep APRALO standard and spirit on the level we used to :) 

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Seasonal Greetings on behalf of APRALO Leadership team and looking forward working with you in 2016!

APRALO Leadership Team

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